Balancing Motherhood and Career

Being a mother and a working mom is probably one of the most challenging job any woman in the world could ever have and achieve.

Maintaining the household clean, orderly and organized while balancing career work is not an easy task on a daily basis especially if you have three tiny little bundles of joy who still need your full attention and care.


But with the right attitude and a focused management of time, things can be easy – and even fun for you and your kids.

For working moms like me, a regular day starts at 5 a.m. or an hour earlier than the kids’ wake up time. I usually go straight to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee and then a 5-minute walk towards the market for the purchase of our favorite pandesal.

Back home, it’s off to preparing the little kids’ favorite egg omelet, a jar of calamansi or lemon juice and a cooked chorizo or hotdog.

By the time the kids are up, everything is prepared while I’m off to change to my daily get-up, which is basically just a jeans and shirt. (A career in community journalism has its perks indeed as I don’t get hassled by having to put on make up and wear a decent blouse and skirt for work) In between these preparations of course is that I make sure the kids eat their morning pandesal and drink their hot chocolate milk with me.

After their hot choco milk and pandesal, the kids are then taken to a bath.

Mind you, taking them to a bath may be an easy task but putting three precocious kids together is one morning challenge I relish with surprise and patience! Turns out some good tips on nutrition for kids. It’s like going on a beach daily as kids go on a riot as they play with water on a wide expanse of sea. You’ll be a party pooper if you won’t get yourself wet!

Still, these are morning tasks that once done will be a breeze until the rest of the day.

Make sure that before the week starts, everything about the meals and snacks for the kids are already written on the corkboard on a 3 to 5-day schedule depending of course on your budget. Sundays and Monday’s are usually set for marketing the week’s consumption including milk, diapers, children’s toiletress and other basic needs.

As the week’s food and other needs are put in place, the next thing that should not be forgotten in the list of balancing motherhood and work, is always ensuring quality time with kids after work.

Afternoon’s on weekdays are always scheduled by fetching the eldest tot from kindergarten school.

After work time is then scheduled for home assignments and then eventually putting them to sleep.

Saturday’s are then spent on washing clothes, cleaning the house and tending to unfinished household chores from the previous week. Sunday’s are naturally spent the whole day bonding with kids at the local park and a regular visit to church.

Basically, these are the basic scenario for the rest of the week and usually minor adjustments to the schedule in fetching my eldest daughter or the Sunday stroll at the park occur once in a while as the call of duty on work beckons. Some moms would like to work at home. They can do that by putting up an online business.

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