Brilliant Ways to Keep the House Tidy


Cleaning may take very long to finish. This is particularly true if you are doing many things at the same time. But Granny’s magic formula which is doing little things all the time can truly do wonders. Let’s see for ourselves how such simply formula figures in the following house cleaning tips:

First is to learn how to declutter. Since everyday things are getting used, it would be a lot helpful to remove clutter daily. You can even do that while you are sweeping the floor or you are watering the plants inside the house. You can hang up towels, put away the shoes in the shoe rack, put the used clothes in the hamper and so on. Once this is done, you will surely see a clearer view of the place and it will be much easier to clean the house.

Another thing is to secure a place for storing all the cleaning equipment and supplies needed daily to tide up the house. You can place these stuffs strategically in areas close to where you should be cleaning every day. These are only for minor daily cleaning. But if you want to go full time in your cleaning, try to come up with a major clean-up schedule every week. It could be the master bedroom or the garage. Keep to that schedule and make sure that you finish it on time.

It also helps to break up the chores to make it easier and faster for you. This can be done by separating chores like doing laundry, vacuuming the floor and dusting the windows. Such heavy tasks should not be done all at one time. Another example is when you clean the bathroom. Try to do some minor cleaning in a few minutes. Then once weekly you should spend a good 15 minutes cleaning the entire bathroom. You can also organize a single kitchen drawer every day instead of having to organize all the drawers in one fell swoop.

Also it would be a little lighter on your part to do the job if you try to let your spouse and children help you. This way not only will you be cleaning the house; it is also a good bonding moment for you. You simply have to schedule the cleaning with your kids and spouse. Make sure that they are all free when they do the cleaning.

Another thing that can help you is to set a designated area for everything. This is especially true for toys and shoes or slippers and laundry. See to it that everyone is doing their part in fixing their clutter every day. It’s also a good idea to implement the rule “Clean As You Go” to all of the family members. This means that everyone has to clean their own clutter and wash their own dishes or do their own laundry. Of course this is only applicable to your adolescent or adult children.

These tips can truly work for your advantage. Just keep at it and you are on your way to have a clean and organized home.

Check this video for more housecleaning tips: