How Much Lunch Money Should You Give Your Kids

When your kids start going to school, there may be a lot of issues and questions that you may have to contend with. One of these is how much lunch money you should give your kids. To some parents, this concern is really very trivial. Because of this, they tend to just give an amount that they think is enough without really deliberating on the matter. If this happens, there are only two things that could take effect. First is that the lunch money may be short, which is something that would not make the kids happy at all. Second is that the lunch money may be too much which may result in the kids spending or wasting this in the process.

As a parent, you should only take into consideration three concerns. It is by referring to these three concerns that you would be able to determine the right amount of lunch money that you should give them. The three are your budget, the kids need, and the current prices of food in the school’s cafeteria. Each of these three actually has an impact on your decision regarding lunch money. As much as possible, you use these as your guidelines so that you could come up with a wise choice, one that would make the kids satisfied also.

Your budget is definitely an important aspect. Apparently, you should never give more than what your budget could take. This may be done by considering the expenses that you would have to cover within a month while referring to the income that you would get. As much as possible, you should not overspend in lunch money.
Otherwise, the other items in your budget would be affected badly. At the same time though, you should not scrimp, especially because lunch money is clearly related to your kids’ nourishment. You certainly do not want to see your kids lack nutrition simply because you cutting the costs.

It is best to listen to the kids’ needs when it comes to food. While they are in school, it is best that they eat in order for them to stay active and alert the entire time that they are there. If you insist on your choices of food, they may end up eating less instead. This is why you should ask them what they wish to eat. Of course, there is always a room for bargaining. Try to negotiate for less expensive fares but are also very nutritious and generally satisfying.

It would be wrong if you just decide on the amount of lunch money without really getting yourself informed on the prices of food being sold in the school cafeteria. Making yourself aware of the food prices is actually a very important requirement if you wish to make a decision that is really based on real conditions. At the start of the school year, you may have to inquire at the school cafeteria about the prices. However, the prices may change while school is going on. Because of this, it is better to check once in a while.